Alexandra Garrido


About the Dancer for canzona's presentation of Membra Jesu Nostri 

From Texas to Estonia, Garrido has traveled to unusual and wonderful places to perform.  As a member of The Mariachi Ghost, her performance work has been showcased in Tallinn Estonia, Austin Texas, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg.  In addition to her work with The Mariachi Ghost, her solo work, Untitled was featured in 2017 Mujer Artista: Speaking in Tongues at Ace Art Gallery. Garrido has a mesmerizing effect on audiences, she is an emotionally gripping performer, her fluid, natural movement is both gorgeous and raw.  As an artist, her intention is to connect to the audience in a visceral way to reveal the intertwined existence of music and the human body.  Garrido is a graduate of the Senior Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers.  She was an apprentice dancer with NAfro Dance Company (2012-2014) and is a co-founder of Nova Dance Collective here in Winnipeg.